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My old dev environment

I don’t hate VScode, i use it from time to time when my neovim config breaks yes sometimes updates from plugins break it

Yes i use windows

The choices in terminal emulator


Alacritty is a modern terminal emulator that comes with sensible defaults, but allows for extensive configuration. By integrating with other applications, rather than reimplementing their functionality, it manages to provide a flexible set of features with high performance. The supported platforms currently consist of BSD, Linux, macOS and Windows.

the aesthetics an be configured well, does not support multiplexing tabs and default keybindings are hard to bypass no ligature support for nerdfont and some symbols are missing, but blazingly fast, i’d prefer it if i am on linux and use my tmux for multiplexing windows and panes.


Windows Terminal

The Windows Terminal is a modern, fast, efficient, powerful, and productive terminal application for users of command-line tools and shells like Command Prompt, PowerShell, and WSL. Its main features include multiple tabs, panes, Unicode and UTF-8 character support, a GPU accelerated text rendering engine, and custom themes, styles, and configurations.

not bad microsoft, i use it when using powershell or testing out a new shell like nushell, keybindings are aesthetics can be configured. performance and rendering is superb but some nerdfont symbols or ligatures are missing



A GPU-accelerated cross-platform terminal emulator and multiplexer written by @wez and implemented in Rust

This is what i use on my daily drive, my configuration are on my dotfiles repo the modules are on this directory, although installation in other linux distro is not noob friendly it works as an emulator, multiplexor and configurable via lua, you can hack it the way you want it.


Cygwin, gitbash ++ the rest of them

no customization at all, keybindings are important to a certain workflow.



it welcomed me to a universe of terminal editors, although there is no support for plugins yet the base and defaults are well thought of you might not even need plugins to be honest, my config is pretty basic, i use it in editing if i edit single files. i added emacs bindings like C-p, C-n, C-f, and more.

lsp’s should be installed in the system intself, as for syntax highlighting most of the languages are supported




the alpha of editors?!!

With the right plugin manager you cant go wrong about it i use LazyVim with its default configuration folke guarantees he didn’t miss a feature you’d like best DX i have experienced so far. check out my config here only notable additions are scope.nvim and rust-tools

crashes sometimes on windows when some cmp’s are loading and i type too fast into it.


Dealing with dependencies

The main thing i use to manage my dependencies is scoop

  • Installation and Updates are eazypeazy

  • No need to deal with environment paths, it handles all your shims

  • From linux binaries like cmake and build tools for c++ bindings are available

  • Relies on powershell, when i call on my bash shell in windows it popups another window of pwsh

  • versioning is also supported!

my dependencies are automatically installed via a batch script check here the list are there

my dotfiles synchonizes to my machines using dotter thanks SuperCuber, it is configurable whether i’m running it on unix based or windows machine

i will probably edit all the on my dotfiles repo so anyone can reproduce it.

that will be all for today, an extensive post on how i configured my wezterm and my general workflow will be added soon. Have a good day!

Incase you did not notice my wallpaper , I am batman